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Dienstag, 22. Juni 2010

No Virginia, I can´t tell you wether there is a pin up girl

Hi everyone,

once in a while I get mails from girls that ask me wether "they have what it takes to be a pin up girl". If you are a female beeing (or a transvetite that looks a damn lot like a woman) you have what you need. The way you look can change. Drastically. The way you think can change (and I hope it constantly does. That you form new ideas in your head constantly and learn new things all the time).

What do you say? Would the girl on the pics above make a good pinup girl? You will find out at the end of the text....

It is not all about the looks cause, as I said before, looks is something you can work on and improve. Nobody was born with a bullet bra on with perfectly coiffed curls and a big grin on the face. We all are the same more of less faulty material to start with. We just learn to conceal it better.

If you had bet with me wether the blonde lady at the left would turn into worlds most recognised pin up Dita von Teese, I couldn´t have told for sure as the blonde lady is cute, but it is hard to tell wether someone has all the additional skills needed plus, as it demonstrates, a different styling can make you look a totally different person.

Nobody but you can find out wether you have what it takes. Have your photos taken and see wether you enjoy it.

Than try to promote yourself the best possible way. Do you have the smarts and the social skills to do the right decisions at the right time? (Cause in order to be sucessfull you have to be smart and you have to have at least a basic knowledge of social skills). Can you go and shamelessly do self-promotion? (They cannot find you if they do not know you) And will you do this in an reasonable amount? (Too much can be quiet annoying, too little won´t get you anywhere either). Are you aware that beeing a pin up girl has an effect on your entire life? And that´s even the case if you just do it as a hobby as 99 % of us do. Can you transfer feelings in your photos? There is nothing worse than a blank stare cause this means that you don´t "communicate" with the viewer through a photo - which might be ok if you pose for a high fashion editorial, but will kill you as a pin up girl as that´s an etirely different thing.

So no Virginia, I cannot tell you wether there is a pin up girl hidden in you. Neither can your little friends. YOU are the only one that can tell ME.

And if you wonder who was the girl on the pictures above (the ones before Ditas before and after off course ;-)... It was me. About 6-7 years ago. Thinner, yes. Younger, yes. With decidedly less make up. And absolutely not retro-looking.

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