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Freitag, 30. Juli 2010

film, cut, sew

Hi everyone,

the filming day was fun! I think you will see at least something of me in the finished clip as Iam in almost every scene - sitting around, walking through the picture, seeling stuff, shutting doors, etc. We started to joke that it looks like there is a little red haired stalker :-D The team also took some making of photos - we´ll see wether I get them and wether there are some nice ones I can share with you :-D

It will take a while till there is a finished clip of it. There is still a lot of material to film for the main actors and it has to be cut etc. etc.

I had my hair cut yesterday! I was so tired of the split ends! You have to pay a price for all the hair-colouring that goes on to keep it a shimmering flawless red. Other may get away if they don´t colour their hair for several months, but I can´t. After all visible roots mean EXTRA-WORK for the photographer. And I do what I can to avoid extra-work. So it was "Goodbye split ends" for me. After all I ocassionally use clip in extensions for my shoots. When you see me with hair that is waaaaaay over shoulder-lenght you can bet it´s not real ;-) I will see wether I can show you pics of my new hair cut later. I have no one around to snap a decent pic at the moment :-)

I got back to sewing, too! I haven´t done that in a year or more, but I still had this crazy mexican print fabric that wanted to become a skirt really bad (I just managed to get one meter of that. Damn it!!! But it was just enough for a skirt ;-) I´m happy my first real sewing project in FOREVER turned out so nice. The pockets took the most time, but I felt they were necessary as the huuuuge mexican print made my hips look even wider than they are. The pockets make it look normal now :-)
Honestly I have no ocassion to wear it for. Surprisingly there are never mexican parties here ;-) There is a new mexican restaurant down the street, but I´m not sure wether they´d think I´m trying to make fun of their culture or something when I come to pick up something :-D We´ll see. I can use it for a shooting.


  1. the skirt looks really cute.you should wehere it anywhere.

  2. I love it and I would buy it...I wouldnt mind if you wore it and I'm mexican,lol
    oh you can wear it to one of your photo shoots.