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Samstag, 11. September 2010

Fleamarket Shopper!

Hi everybody!

There are days that can´t get ruined! Today is such a day!!!
The sun was shining and I was up early so I decided to go to a fleamarket! I haven´t done that for a a year and I haven´t been to the one I went to for at least 2 years (Aachener Platz, Düsseldorf), so I was exited! It started off bad. Why is it that there are so many stalls selling obviously none flea-market stuff?! Like.... light bulbs. Or faked designer perfumes? I already thought "Oh no, it is even WORSE than it used to be 2 years ago" and was mentally prepared that I will go home the way I came - with nothing. But than it changed after I walkes past those for the first 2 looooong rows and I stumbled over one great bargain after the other!!!
Record: 1 € (will make great prop for a 50s shoot I think!!! And later a nice decoration for our wall!!!)
Bamboo-Fruitbasket: 1€ (Finally a place for John to put his fruits)
Fan: 1,50 €
Brooches: 1 € each!!!
Brooches as a close up. And Fan Details. It has strawberries on it!!!!

When I saw this Puppy I thought "Oh man that must be expensive! It is in such a good condition!" And it is rather big, too. It was.....
12 €! And it is by "Hermann Teddy". This dog is vintage and in mint condition, complete with original collar and original manufacturers tag!!! MUST DO A PHOTOSHOOT WITH IT!
Original chinese sun umbrella made of red fabric with blue accents. 3€!

Makes a total of 20,50€ (That is 26$) + 2,50 for the yummy crepes with sugar and cinnemon I ate = totally enjoyable morning/noon.


  1. Really great stuff you found!
    I have a Hermann teddybear, but it is new, your dog is so cute!!! Really love the umbrella too, I am looking for one myself.

    Hugs, Jenny