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Samstag, 30. Oktober 2010

The endless search or a perfect foundation

Hi everyone,

what I really hate about moste pale foundations is that they are designed for a skin with rosy undertones - something that my skin is totally lacking. If someone would ask me to describe my skin tone I´d say it´s an ghoulish olive. So, yes, many foundations make me look like Miss Piggy.
So I was standing there at the counter of L´Oreal Studio Secrets Professional starring at the high definition smoothing foundation and I checked the colours. To my absolute delight I found out that they do it all in two versions, a rosy and a golden one. So I took the colour gold porcelain along with me. I also looked at the fixing powder, but decided not to get it this time around. A good decision as later on I read in the internet that baby powder does the same job and has the same incredients, so I bought baby powder instead which is like 13 € cheaper and has waaaaayyy more content (it is hard to dose though, but I take the risk).

So how happy am I with the LÓreal Studio Secrets Foundation? Here´s my review: I tested it over the whole week and it looks really really good. The foundation has a brush attached to it, so you have to pump the foundation out and apply it to your face with the brush. I apply it in circular motions and really get into every corner with my face. Than I pad it with my fingers (just to make sure there are really no brush strokes visible on my face) and put the powder on it. I have a mixed skin and it stays on all day really. The coverage is ok. I need only a little bit of concealer with it, so that is fab. So I would really recommend it. Howver keep in mind that you will have to clean the brush once in a while!

Í´m having it on on this picture, acompanied by Penatens Baby Powder
Eyeshadow: Nyx Orange Pearl, Nyx Nude Pearl
Blush: Alverde Peach
Lipstick: P2 Via Montenapoleone
Nailpolish: P2 Flamboyant

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