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Mittwoch, 20. Oktober 2010

Trying to cheer up for fall

Hi everyone,

fall is sort of a downer at the moment. I just don´t like rain and darkness. I like a sunny fall day, not the depressing ones. Plus it is very very calm at work right now, which pulls me down some more. So I was glad when I found this nice cacao bath "Seelentröster" by Kneipp and damn is it comforting my soul. The idea of the cacao smell is not new. 10 years ago I was crazy for a choclate bath by Yves Rocher which got discontinued. Back than I grabbed the last two bottles they had at the warehouse, but off course that didn´t last for long. I tried to comfort myself with the cacao shower gel they have, but while it is nice it´s just not the same. So I hope that one is here to stay :-) I found it by accident and I think it is new actually. Read somewhere something positive on Kneipp and so decided to give it a go.

Having a calm time means that I get way too crazy ideas. It´s been discovered that I have a good voice for announcements. (Yes I thought they must be kidding. However so many work-mates start saying so there ust be tuth in that) While that serves me well at my recent job I doubt I will ever have use of it as it is nothing with that you can entertain anyone with (unless I´d allways run around with an megaphone and start every sentence I say with "Attention please".) I joked with a workmate that I should release a Cd with announcement-classics such as "Attention please: This is a rainy break" or "Attention please: It´s Cake Bake today" and sell it to all sort of companies that have announcements. To top it off I think I actually have a photo suited for a cover :-D

I think I call it "Sari the Pin up presents.... Announcement classics"

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  1. Wunderbare Idee für eine CD - und das Cover: Groß-ar-tig!!!
    Übrigens: Von Tetesept gibt's ein Kakao-ölbad - auch schön schokoladig.. ;")