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Samstag, 23. Oktober 2010

Blog give away

Hi everyone!

As you know I mentioned a planned give away earlier in my blog for the time when I hit 100 suscribed readers. Waiting is boring, so let´s start it now - and maybe I find the 100 suscribers on the way ;-)

So I have been thinking and this is what I come up with. It is only a small give away, but nethertheless: It should be fun.
Included is:

2 Lovely baked Alverde Eye-shadows
1 MNY Hightlighter
1 P2 Lipstick (Oxford street - my recent fave!)
1 Viva la Diva Concealer pen (it totally rules and is only available in Sweden)
1 nice and Burlesque-y headpiece
1 signed edition of Jolie with my editorial in it (if I ever get hyper-famous it might be worth a fortune ;-)

How can you join the give away?

Step 1: Blog, twitter or facebook “I read the #pinupdiaries” plus a link to my blog.

Step 2: Than post in my comments that you have done so. If you do multiple posts (for example you have twitter and a blog), do separate comment-entries with a link to each.

After we hit 100 readers I post a deadline on how much longer you can join the give away (I think about 2 additional days after we hit that mark, so if you’re running late you can still join it – unless it takes 100 days to find the 100 readers, off course :-D) and than I’ll throw your names into my magic hat and announce a winner.


  1. I will put a link about the give away on my blog...hope to win..!

    : )

    Great prizes!!!

    Hugs, Jenny

  2. I will also put a link on facebook..!

    : )

  3. habs getwittert (maryjean2281).
    Bei sowas tollem muss man einfach mitmachen. :o)

  4. So, bei Facebook ist es drin :)

    Liebe Grüsse,

  5. Und auch gleich noch getwittert :)


  6. Und der Blog folgt sogleich :)


  7. gebloggt hab ich es auch: http://mellow3.blogspot.com/

    und bei Facebook pack ich es auch rein. :o)

  8. id did so.....

    I read the #pinupdiaries on http://retromodelsari.blogspot.com"

  9. so jetzt mein post


    Majka (maja.infos@googlemail.com)

  10. hier mein tweet

    Bald hast du es geschafft ;)

  11. Ich habe es gesagt:

  12. Hatte es inwzwischen noch 3 mal bei Facebook und noch einmal bei Twitter (jetzt unter neuem Namen: http://twitter.com/#!/Sev84 ) drin :)