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Montag, 1. November 2010

Exibition and my butt

Hi everyone,

yesterday I went to an exibition by Alice Zumbé (http://www.myspace.com/alice.zumbe). There you were able to see burlesque themed paintings and among the Burlesque godesses you found an old pin up, too. Me :-) Or better, my backside ;-)

This is the original photo made by Alinka (http://www.alinka.de/) for reference. It was a surprise to me, because I thought she was taking another photo of mine. Alice promised to me that next time you´ll be able to see my face ;-)

As there was also a Burlesque performance later that night we hang in the lounge area with a few drinks and had fun observing people. The exibition was hold in a club, so it´s an environment we usually do no go to at all, but it sure was worth it to see the pretty pictures and the show. Plus.... It was funny to observe the clubbing crowd :-D Especially some posers wearing their Dolce and Gabana sunglasses INDOORS kept us entertained while waiting for the hightlight of the evening - Marlene von Steenvags Burlesque Performance.

We had to walk home because there were no more trams, but it´s just a few stations from home. We passed by a alley with beautifull trees. They looked so pretty and sorta fluffy in the gas-lights so we made a photo of them.

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