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Dienstag, 2. November 2010

Iam the X-Mas Pin up Grinch

Hi everyone,

every year it is the same. In 6 years of beeing a pin up girl I never managed to do a X-Mas shooting.

Oh it is not that I did not try, however whenever I did, Photographers got injured before it or people that are involved in it in any way. It is like a curse. I just wanna do some cute X-Mas photos and EVERY TIME someone gets injured. Wow. You can´t tell me that is accidental. I even start to feel guilty about it. No kidding.

Every year I start getting exited on the outlook of finally getting a X-Mas shooting done and than the curse strikes again. Last year I hoped to break the spell using a self-timer posing in my apartment, alas another x-mas shooting got cancelled. And I bought so cute props for it today. And again someone is injured. I give up. Really. I swear I will never try to do it again. And while Iam aware that I will post it again in about 42 days I post here the only X-Mas photo I will ever have.

That is my contribution to the safety of the people that work with me.

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