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Sonntag, 21. November 2010

Loved and lost - is it possible to waste love?

Hi everyone,

It is this time of the year were I start to think about all the loved and lost ones I have. I start to get overpowered by emotions. All of us have been heart broken or even worse: We had to run cause there was nothing good coming out of a relationship and thus had to break our heart by ourselves. Whatever it was that made us end it - it is allways painfull.

Is it possible to waste love? I can truthfully say that nobody loved me before John did. I have never in my life broken a heart, even in those two cases where I broke up I can tell they did not care anyway, despite me investing a lot of love and hope they´d actually love me back some day. In one case it took 3 years in another 1,5 years to realise this was never going to happen. Hey, at least I took half of the time to figure it out the second time! Maybe they will realise in 10 or 20 or even 30 years what a valueable gift they turned down and I´ll give them a hug and tell them "Honey, it´s alright" (In case they did not forget that I ever existed).

All the times that I was heart broken makes me appreciate what I have NOW! Love surrounds me every day like a warming cloak. And this is what makes me happy again when the past drags me down.

However this is the perfect soudtrack for all the others out there that have loved and lost.

Can love ever be a waste? Discuss if you feel like sharing your thoughts!

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