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Samstag, 4. Dezember 2010

Vintage Hairstyling vs. Style me Vintage - Two hairstyling books in comparision

Hello Retro Styling enthusiasts,

when I heard that a new vintage hairstyling book was about to come out I was torn. For one thing I knew that it would be hard to live up to my personal styling bible "Vintage Hairstyling" that I bought in two editions and both where worth every penny. On the other hand, the newly published "Style me Vitage" was only 10 British pound, so I thought I give it a try. So this is a review for everyone that has one or the other and wonders which one to get - or is not having any of them and considers a buy (or and addition to the X-Mas wish list).

Let´s start with the pure facts:

on top: Vintage Hairstyling - Retro styles with step by step techniques by Lauren Rennels: 34 different Stylings, Price 36,95$

below: Style me Vintage - Easy step by step techniques for creating classic hairstyles by Belinda Hay : 11 different stylings, Price 9,95 British Pounds

First thing coming to mind is that "Style me Vintage" is more handy as it is smaller and book bound. More practical to take along and lay open while the binding of "Vintage Hairstyling" is less stabile. Plus "Style me Vintage" is cheaper in price, even if you have to import both of them like I have to. However "Vintage Hairstyling" has waaaay more stylings.

If you are a styling novice a introduction of the tools you will need is crucial for you. I remember my first attempt to get curls in my hair. I had one of those curling irons with a brush head attached. NEVER BUY ONE OF THOSE UNLESS YOU HAVE VERY FINE HAIR. My hair kept getting stuck and the $%"!%!" thing was of no use. In "Vintage hairstyling" you get a thourough instruction what sort of curling iron you can use for what, all you need to know about using heated curlers, pincurls, rollers and whatever comes in mind. "Style me Vintage" gives a rather short description with not so many pictures, so it is more aimed to those that "know their stuff" than "Vintage hairstyling". If you are not a pro about hair and need details about all the things to use, including the right pins, brushes and combs for the purpose you definately need "Vintage Hairstyling".

The instructions: "Style me Vintage" asumes that you know how to do pin curls and use curling irons and hot rollers. There are written descriptions, but most styles do not have detailed photos as to where the hair is curled forwards, backwards, etc. "Vintage Hairstyling" does this before it even get to the stylings. There are (positively!!!!) pages over pages on how to do good pincurls, how to correctly curl with an curling iron and which technique has which effect. When it comes to the instructions for the actual hairstyles it has arrows in the pictures that shows you in which direction it was curled, something that is very important to archieve the wished effect. Also is has way more detailed photos for the stylings than "Style me Vintage". Don´t get me wrong some instructions in "Style me vintage" are more detailed than others, but "Vintage hairstyling" is very very detailed throughly, so there is not so much space for any doubts.

Both books have in common that the photos are beautifull and the layouts are both very nice!!!

What is left to say is what is intended for who?

"Vintage Hairstyling" is a book for everybody: The Styling novice that has no idea where to start to the expert that still wants to learn a trick or two. It costs more but it is worth every penny. There is a wide range of styles and a lot of instruction how to archieve which effect. In any case it is a must have for your bookshelf. I´d even say: Get both editions as there are different ones in edition 1 and 2. Both books feature easy and more sophisticated styles.

"Style me Vintage" is more for those that are experts. There is no instruction on how to do pincurls, to handle a curling iron, what to use when etc. If you already know your stuff and just want a book with a few basic styles this is for you. I could imagine that stylists working for tv or movies get a good use for reference out of it. Not for absolute novices. The styles are more basic.


  1. Thank you so much for the reviews. I saw Style Me Vintage on Amazon but I'm not a hair expert quite yet so I'll try Vintage Hairstyling first! :)

  2. Yes. This is how a comparing review should really look like - chapeau to you!