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Sonntag, 30. Januar 2011

Spring is not here yet - but we´re getting there!!!

Hello everyone,

it is still damn cold, but the sky was blue so I grabbed John and my camera and we went outside!

This is the only photo I made. Afterwards John rediscovered his love for photography and took it from me. This is what we see when we walk to the media harbour. I love the cats painted on that house!!! I wonder who did that!

As you can tell by the many many cars we were not the only ones with this idea! I was also lazy as you can tell by the 60s do. Whenever I´m lazy I just tease the hell out of my hair and that´s it. If I want to make an effort I pin curl my hair or use an curling iron. So NOT happening today :-D
We enjoyed the sight sipping our coffee and eating muffins and cake.
Note my shorts poking out. Actually I wear a dress. But I don´t like short dresses and to avoid my tight from slipping I put shorts under it. It looked silly, but I put a striped belt to the dress, which made it even more sillier, but at least looking sort of intentional. What can I say? IAM SILLY (and the tights stayed up all the way) :-D
The Landestag.
Me goofing at the Landestag
just behind the Apollo Variete.


  1. Dein Mantel ist ja großartig!! Sieht aus als hättet Ihr nen schönen Tag gehabt! :")

    Wünsche Dir eine wunderbare Woche!!

  2. Wow! war es tatsächlich so sonnig in Düsseldor? Sieht echt schon aus wie Frühling. An solchen tagen ist es im Medienhafen tatsächlich immer voll :-)

  3. ja, es war tatsächlich so sonnig, wenn auch nur ca. 1°C warm.

  4. Hello beautiful! Very interesting photos! I'd like to follow you with all my heart .. Would you like to follow each other? Pass to my blog and tell me what you think, I also accept constructive criticism, of course:)