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Dienstag, 1. März 2011

Things so beautifull that I want to buy them, marry them and get their babies Part 1

Hello everyone,

all the shops release their spring things now and OH MY GOD! It is too many beautifull things to bear!!! So I will do a little blog series. I can´t buy it all. Actually I can´t buy anything right now. I´m budgetting and my monthly budget already went over board for...

the Harlow Set AND Laura Top

I would need 10 months worth of budget for the following things and wouldn´t be allowed to buy anything else, however here they are. OLD faves and NEW ones by www.whatkatiedid.com


Oh Morticia corset! I love you in any variation there can be. Your nipped in waist would look so, so, SO fantastic on me. Someday I will own you. Yes I swear. If I happen to become rich and famous I will even take one of each. You´d be so pretty as outerwear or under any dress with a defined waist. We´d wiggle down the street together and everyone would know: We are destined to be together!

French Knickers and strapless Glamour Bra. French Knickers who wouldn´t want to lounge around in those? Quiet realistic in my eyes, however the strapless Glamour Bra is a rather cruel temptress to me as it just won´t be made in my size. No 36E or 38D! I will weep my lonely tears and hope it will change some day.

Glamour Corselette Panty. I already love the original Pull on Glamour Corselette, so naturally it´s little sister is attracting me as well. If you´d ask me to decide I wouldn´t know what to do! (Probably the Pull on Corselette first, later the Panty version! After all the pull on was there first;-)

Those are just a few of the new additions, however my favourite ones. you can see all of them here:

OLD Loves that did not give in to my begging for stepping into my closet.... YET.


  1. I would love to have all those beautiful girlie things.I seriously need more stockings.Like the new header you put up.very hollywood glamour.xx