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Sonntag, 22. Mai 2011

random ideas for my new apartment...

...given that I get it. I made a deal with John. He can furnish his working/sportsroom and I can furnish our sleepingroom and living room. I have some ideas in my mind already....


Photo: ebay

Iam lusting for those repros of cocktail-chairs for my living room. It will be mostly Tiki-inspired and Iam on the hunt for a nice kidney-table. too. We will have a red chaiselounge that we get for free as a sofa and I hope to snatch up those chairs - and hope badly they go with the chaiselonge and the orange walls!

Photo: ebay

In our living room there will be our dinning corner as well. This is what Iam eyeing on ebay. Do you think those will go with the cocktailchairs, the chaiselounge and the walls? It will become colourfull for sure...

Here I plan for a 50s meet baroque boudoir theme. The walls are turqois and as John can´t be bothered will wallpaper and I actually like the colour I have an idea how to get the baroque theme in... but more about this later....

I dream about this IKEA bed:
And while this IKEA wardrobe is not particulary retro I just NEED a lot of space for my clothes! And the white should go nicely and neutral with the overall look.
On the bright side here´s something I had for years already.... My beloved vanity table from the 50s! And my kidney formed mirror

Retroish bed, modern wardrobe, 50s vanity table... Where does the baroque element come into play? I have no idea where I found the picture (comment if you know so I can give credit) but I plan something like this - however I will put baroque wallpaper into the frames. I already found 3 gold frames on a fleamarket and I´m positive I will find more!

It is still loooooong to go, but I wish I could just go ahead and buy everything I want already!!!! I´m in nesting mode!

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  1. Oooh ja, Ikea Schränke sind toll, wünsche viel Spaß beim Nestbau :-)
    Ich werde demnächst unsere Küche retrorisieren ;-)