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Sonntag, 12. Juni 2011

Hello Operator...

Hello everyone,

yesterday was spent packing like crazy for my future move and damn does my back hurt today! And by accident I destroyed a lovely mirror when some boxes fell down :-( 7 years of bad luck? I hope NOT!

Anyway here is a lovely new photo :-)

And here is a lovely table I bought for my future home <3

And my blog is slightly pointless because Iam do tired :-D I really need this long weekend to get rest and recover. The worst part is: There is still toooooons more to pack!

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  1. Oh my,that tabe is lovely.Drool.I want it.lol.I am having trouble finding 50's furniture here.Maybe in the south they weren't into tht retro shapes back then.I find alot of bamboo style stuff though.lol.