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Sonntag, 31. Juli 2011

Big hairdos - little to none teasing :-) And new photos

Hello everyone,

yes, Iam posting A LOT today :-D We skipped painting the walls and will do it tomorrow so I have time and energy for other things!!!

Yesterday I went to a photoshooting at a great!!!!!! location. It is named Viller Mühle and it is sort of an open air museum close to the Dutch border. It is cool, at times spooky and AMAZING! The weather was horrible, but thank god it didn´t rain as we had most of the on location shootings planned for outside! I even got to film a little so there will be a little Making off soon! :-) Yay!
You can´t tell, but it was verrrrrry cold!!!!!

This is at a 50s cafe and luckily indoors. We started here. The cute little hat I wear is by http://www.now-voyager.co.uk Luckily it arrived on time. I got many compliments for it. I think I´ll order more there soon!

Outdoors! I was happy I got to wear my cape. I bought it ages ago in a second hand store!

And you know what? I managed to do photos of the setting pattern for my hair that morning. See here exclusively how I look tired, grumpy and without my lipstick ;-)
I didn´t bother with the bottom hair as I just put it up anyway. I just needed some volume at the crown so I wouldn´t have to tease it.
There is however a lazy methode to getting more volume into your hair minus curlers... Volume powder! Iused it today and BLIMEY! I took photos, too (is it easy to tell that Iam on vacation???) Even though I look a bit stoned in the beginning the only drug involved was caramel crunch cappuchino.
This is how I started out. Looking very stoned, the hair not exactly a wonder of volume. I used this powder...
Put a little bit of it into your hand. It feels a little cold and moist, than rub it into the hairsecetion you need volume in...
Iam still high on caramel crunch cappuchino, but my hair has a bit more volume. Rub, rub, rub your hair. Put the back up in a chignon, knot or whatever your prefer, arrange the hair on the crown as you please and put ina little hair-spray. Really only a little, because you will feel that it stands up on it´s own anyway!
I put a little haircomb into my back cause it just holds it better than pins :-) Cover any imperfections with a pretty flower = done. It is really a hairdo that you can do in 5-10 minutes.

And yes: I wear a lot of different green clothes at the moment. For at least some variation I took my bed-posts as background today ;-) I tinted my streak into a lighter red because I want to grow it out some more before making it entirely blonde. The darker part just didn´t match :-)

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  1. Haha! "high on caramel crunch cappuccino" - love that!! Das mit dem Puder muss ich auch mal probieren.. Dankeschön fürs Testen.. ;") Das Grün (und das Rot deiner Haare..) steht dir aber wirklich ausgezeichnet!