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Dienstag, 3. Januar 2012

And a new year begins!

Hello everyone,
I hope you all had a good start to 2012! Me and John drank some champagne mixtures, ate a traditional Hessian New Years Dish (ribs with Sauerkraut) and watched the new season of “Futurama”. We weren’t aware it is out already so we had to catch up a little ;-) Isn’t “Futurama” the perfect New Years Eve program. We are in 2012 now! Who would have thought?!
Anyway, I’m kicking the year off shooting! And I don’t mean only one! This Thursday I will shoot with Werner and Miss Tetrodotoxin in…. drumroll…. My own apartment.  :-D So I am busy making it nice and absolutely enjoy that I don’t have to travel somewhere for it. You have to admit that’s a mayor YAY.
Therefore I gonna travel far on Saturday. To Stuttgart to be exact where I gonna shoot the Spring Campaign for www.schmittundschaefer.de and stop by for a Pyjama Party with Miss Lili Marleen. Well, ok, I don’t know whether we will do an actual Pyjama Party, but Girls just wanna have fun!
And this is only week one of 2012.
I am not sure which goals to set myself right now. Ever since I was born I had goals that were not very realistic. Somehow I made it happen anyways. I hope that someday I´ll do a own fashion line or get my own tv show. Unrealistic, but everything I achieved in the past 8 years was unrealistic to start with considering Iam no standard model material.

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  1. Happy New Year, Sari!! And: Lots of weeks filled with lots of fun and wonderful people for you!!