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Samstag, 11. Februar 2012

The Ukulele arrived!!!

Hello everyone,

it took almost 2 weeks, but my Ukulele arrived! After some first difficulties ("I think you have to hold it in the other hand!") and so far fruitless atempts of playing "Frere Jaques" which is recommended as the first song to learn on many websites, I figured I make a quick photoshooting with my self timer because I got a lovely blue 50s laundry box the same day and it all goes nicely with my walls!

 And while I was at it I figured I take some "naughty" ones. Well, naughty for me anyway. Those nudies are so implied, you can barely call them nudies!

As it got dark outside the second picture didn´t turn out, but because of the unsharpness due to slight movement it looks like Iam rocking hard, so let´s just pretend I intended it to be this way and it is art...

Trivia... Last week I reposted an oooold photo from one of my self timer shootings and ended up having like 130 Likes on my own site and one that shared it. If you don´t follow me on Facebook and now wonder what marvelos photo this must be.... It´s actually just my butt :-D Go figure!

Must go practice my ukulele now....


  1. Those photos are lovely.That Ukulele is so cute.Good luck.I want one so bad just don't have the money right now.:(

  2. Amazing post!!! Brilliant blog - looking forward to more posts from you. :-) Have a great weekend! :-)


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