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Samstag, 17. März 2012

A beautifull photo and a serious topic: Fans.

Hello everyone,

let´s start with the photo for those that don´t like serious topics :-)

Photo by Leandra Ryes
Retouch by Moricia Noir
Acessoires by AbARTig

Serious Topic: Today I had to block someone off Facebook who repeatedly send me offending messages. One time, ok, that can be a misunderstanding. Several times? No. What did I take offense off? Wether I just have a fan page so I can feel important or just to share my love for myself? (There was more, but this was the core message). If that would have been the first offense from this person I just would have ignored it, but it was just the bottom of a long line. Iam a very patient person.

So today I write about a topic VERY close to my heart. Fans. 

It is my own surprise that I have people that like and follow what I do. Seriously. I was never a pretty or popular girl in my teenage years, so from the beginning of my modelling this was something extremely strange to me. I just thought I´d do it for fun and would go completely unnoticed like most girls that do a bit of hobby modelling. I never considered myself better or prettier or whatever than any of the other hobby models. I do what I enjoy, what I find artistically and visually challenging and pleasing. This is pretty much it.

I was more familiar with beeing a fan, than having something like that myself. Happily my own idols were more than great to me, so one can say I observed and learned from the kindest, most patient and sweetest  people on this planet. Later on I saw very bad examples, too and I learned from it as well.

So there I was, a young twenty-something making her first steps into modelling and suddenly I found myself having fans. "Damn, what am I to do now???" I thought to myself. What sort of person do I want to be for them? My own idols (and friends) came to my mind. My first resolution was that I do not want to be some distant far off person to them. So I started to blog. And I started having a myspace account (which I don´t use anymore). And some years back I started to use Facebook, made a fan page there and made a twitter account (actually only to read the tweets of Dita von Teese and Amanda Palmer. oh well :-D) so whoever is interested in what I do, what I like and whatever can access to me, can contact me, can please take a seat and feel right home.

If I would not model I probably would not have a Facebook account, a twitter account and Iam not sure whether I would blog - however blogging is the most likely thing I would do cause I love writing. I do what I do mostly for those that are interested in what I do, to keep up with those that Iam interested in, whether it is by bounds of friendship, the wish to work with them some time or something else. I made a fan page because I figured some people would rather read about my modelling, not how many cappuchinos I drank that day which makes sense, huh? ;-) Not because I think Iam that great and notorious. Cause no, Iam not that great and notorious.

What do my fans mean to me? The World! Cause I never thought I´d have any! My strength. Because they make me go on when I think about quitting. My true love. Because they are awesome and beautifull.

I know some models sadly get more hate via Facebook and by mail and possibly think I shouldn´t take something like this so seriously. Among the people that like you there will allways be an occassionally odd one, but this hit me on my most sensitive spot. Iam not sensitive when someone attacks me for my looks and I can take criticism for whatever, but when someone attacks me about the thing that really matters MY FANS Iam not taking the piss for that! Especially not from someone that never even met me. And I tried to be kind to her because she pretended to be a fan!

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