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Sonntag, 11. März 2012

My beautifull bargains...

 Hello everyone, 

I am a girl and bargain hunter. Well, you know that and as most of you are girls as well you understand my excitement ;-) Everyone else: Patience ;-)

A Lovely US 60s dress in my fave color. I hope it arrives soon and does not get lost!!! 

Cake hairclips by Now Voyager. They were like 6 BP each. I already have one I knew I get something fab and yummy! Can´t wait to shoot with them! 
And I´ve been looking for a sheer blouse forever! Next night out will see me either with a corset or a black bra underneath it! Got it at Orsay for 15 €
And today I found a vintage mirror and brush set with a cute asian scenery on it´s back for only 10€! The brouch on the left was just 2€ and the calendar was prized down from 4,50€ to 4€.

Me happy :-)

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