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Freitag, 13. April 2012

Is the day over yet???

Welcome to the Sicko-Diaries.....

Beeing sick I have soooooooo much time!

I feel my cold is getting better, but than that could be because I drug myself with Wick Medi Night every evening. The sniffling is way less, yet my nose hurts when I get into the cold or dry air. I have an energy overflow right now though.

I had to leave home for a little while to buy food and more Medi Night drugs (seriously, they should sponsor my blog), did the laundry, brought out the trash, watched a few episodes of Dexter Season 1... and now Iam bored. I don´t dare doing much more and risk a throw back. Yet this day is still sooooooooooo long!!!

On the bright site I found that the Schmitt and Schäfer Collection photo is featured on the Dirndl Website www.lawango.com <3 Yay!!!!! I guess this means the Promo-Season has started!!! :-)

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