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Sonntag, 13. Mai 2012

How Herr Mann changed his marital status and other fleamarket stories...

Hello everyone,

yesterday I went to a fleamarket but to my disapointment I only hunted down one souvenier brooch. However keeping in mind there was another one in the city today I figure I´d strike gold there instead. Oh how damn right I was!!!!! 

 You probaly saw Herr Mann (left side) in pin up pics of mine before. I once found him on a fleamarket for (I think) 8 or 10 €. He spent at least one year living with me as a bachelor.... Until today. I found those 3 black 50s poodles that I asume to be from the same brand (Herrman, hence Herr Manns name) because they wear the same ribbon. The big one is in very good condition, the small ones have flaws, but for 10 €for the three of them including the basket I couldn´t say no! So meet Herr Mann, Frau Mann (birth name Mademoiselle Femme) and their darling daughters Colette and Paulette.

As if having a bunch of French 50s poodles wouldn´t be enough I found this darling French lecture book for 50 Cent (and now it is once for all settled that I need to do a French-themed shooting including booklet and poodles), a handbag for 7 € (big enough to put a book in + everything else I need), the ABC book for boys AND girls for 1 € each (seruiously... I think a couple shooting with John is underway) and a book on good behaviour for 1 € - finally I can get a read on how to fix stocking seams in public in a appropriate way.

All of the things I got before would be enough to make me absolutely thrilled and cosider this a more than sucessfull fleamarket visit but it goes on.... This set of  1950s snack dishes for ALTOGETHER 2 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) €. I would have happily paid 1-2 € per DISH!

And on the way home we found this huuuuge tuscany themed 50s painting in a faux gold frame for 10€. We still have free space on our bed room wall. Well, not anymore once we put up this one!!!

I have rearely been that lucky and I have rarely spent so much money and got so much for it during one fleamarket visit. And the best thing. It was 5 minute walking distance and so HUGE!!!!!

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