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Sonntag, 8. Juli 2012

The bargain hunter strikes again!

Hello everyone,

I bought some nice new things for myself because I am a good girl using my "Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012" and "Zumba Rush" programs for the xbox 360. It was time to give myself a treat especially after I realised the setting to Your Shape were wrong so I burned 3 times as much as the program told me! I guess this means I can start a cheese cake orgy without the least bad conscience ;-) 

The fact that some nice sales were going on helped A LOT ;-)

I bought this lovely Curvy Kate bra and a matching Panty at Brastop and can really recommend them if you are on the big chested side of the rack. I got the set already and it´s comfortable and looks fantastic. Will HAVE to shoot with it soon! You can still grab a lot of delicious bargains. The dress was technically a gift from John. I sported it in the Trashy Diva sale! I got two of their Trixie dresses some years ago which were nothing but divine!!! But the dresses are usually out of my price range, so I could only admire them from a far.However this dress includes about all I need in a dress: It´s pretty, it has great detail and features many of my favourite colours and many colors that go with my eye color! There was NO WAY I could resist! Would have LOVED to buy wayyyy more but I really need to save up at the moment. I am sure I will use it in an upcoming shooting.

Next week I will be having vacation for 2 weeks and 2 days. It will be so great! Most of it will be spend at home but I have high hopes I can work on my pile of things to sew and alter (and off course relax as well :-)


  1. I really adore your new dress, love the colors <3 I always love the clothes you show on your blog :) Someday i´ll attack your home and steal your wardrobe :)

  2. Ja genau das selbe dachte ich mir auch!
    Wär der Rock ein bisschen länger, dann wär der super!