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Sonntag, 23. September 2012

Things I did this weekend...

Hello everyone,

it is getting cold and all I wanna do is roll up in a little cave of leaves like a little hedgehog and not leaving anymore. Which reminds me that I actually saw wo hedgehogs last week. I get to see a lot of bunnies (every day) and ocassionally a squirell (at least every or every two week(s)) but a real life hedgehog is something new in this neighborhood and I hope to see more of those spiky cuties. They were not even afraid and I got to tickle the nose and take a photo of one of them.

Anyway.... This Saturday I got stuff done because John wasn´t home. Number one mission was to find a coat for Sweden. Right now I mostly wear capes because while it is cold it is not coat-cold yet. It was hard to find one because most coats seem to have dull colors only (grey and black or brown. bla. I need something that puts me into a better mood!) OR a terribly unflattering fit. Luckily I found that one by Manguun which has exactly the colour of my eyes (which you do not see on this picture though...)

Finally finding a coat in a nice color put me in such a fantastic mood that I was in the mood to get addional things done at home that I planned for a while but never got to do..... I re-aranged the heads on my wall (by the way: Note my beautifull new commode. I don´t know what to put in yet, but I love it! A work mate sole it to me for 20 €!) and put the (cheeky) metal signs I got myself over at least some of the holes in our kittchen wall (the one living in the apartmen before had shelves hanging there and as he removed them we have some holes in the wall that just don´t look pretty. I´ll need more signs to cover up all, but it´s a start ;-)

Hello heads
goodbye holes


  1. love the rooms those heads are cool.aww mr hedge hog.what a cutie.

  2. Oh my goodness, a real life hedgehog! I think I might seriously faint from the cuteness if I saw one of those (as hedgehogs are amongst my absolute favourite animals).

    Wonderful coat find - that blue is gorgeous with your hair colour.

    ♥ Jessica