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Mittwoch, 3. Oktober 2012

Places I need to go to in Stockholm....

Hello everyone,

it is barely another week until I finally go to Sweden again (yay yay yay) and I can barely think of something else! It´s a little bit of Retro Wonderland - only that they are not aware that it is. So here are things I totally NEED to include into my travel schedule (and if you ever make it there you shoul keep those in mind). Considering we have been to almost every museum we are trying a few new things this time...

Yes, Stockholm has a own Tiki Bar and sadly I have never been there as of yet! But this might be the year!!! While alcohole is very expensive in Sweden, so I am sure this will not be an exception, how could I resist? There used to be a Tiki Bar in Düsseldorf but it closed some years ago. So imagine how much I look forward to re-visiting a Tiki Bar. The usual cocktail bars are just not the same thing!

I hope it won´t rain when I am in Stockholm because I booked the Stockholm Ghost Walk and if the weather is shitty they cancel. I would really love to find out about Stockholms spooky history! So far the only thing beeing scary about Stockholm is that way too many exes of mine live there. ;-) Think of me on the 20th October and cross your fingers the weather will be fine.

I made a little happy dance finding out that I will arrive just in time to see the Saturday evening show! The announcement says:
Octbooberfest is back with a twirl and support for breast cancer research when the Tassel Twirling Championship will crown a new champion. Followed by two unmissable sets of Swedish and International stars compered by the incredible Laurie Hagen who will mesmerise and entertain you throughout the show. 

Fancy Chance (UK/US) - Lolou D'vil (Fin) - hosted by Laurie Hagen (UK) 
Octbooberfest Annual Tassel Twirling Championship (Cancer fund event) - A'dora Derriere (Aus/UK) - Apathy Angel (US) - Fräulein Frauke (SWE) - The Great Leo (Bel) - Knicker Kittens (Swe) - Lady Francescca (Swe) - Lady Lou (Aus/Ger) - Les Femmes Brachiales (Ger) - Miss Diana (Rus) - Peggy de Lune (UK) - Ruby Luscious (Swe) - Wrong Note Rusty (Can) - Yvette Les Fesses (Swe)

Sounds like me and John gonna have a loooot of fun! I still try hard to find a dirndl for Octbooberfest, but will probably have to consider another option.

Södermalm Shopping Marathon
Well, this is not an official event, this is something I pretty much made up myself (and it´s nothing new - I do that every year. But I love it so much I mention it anyway;-) It includes me running through the entire Södermalm district visiting at least 20 of the 30 vintage clothing stores there (or as many I manage to visit before John starts to cry). You want to go to the capital of Second Hand? Stockholm is your perfect destination!

I just discovered this so I cross my fingers that I don´t forget going there. It´s a retro style bowling place and the food looks delicious, too! Usually John and me only bowl on his Xbox, but I am very tempted to try it in real life (and grab a milkshake and a burger!)It is definately something were we could spend a rainy afternoon :-)

I just remembered that I have a book on retro lifestyle in Sweden so I will check that out and possible add more destinations to my list ;-)

Oh, on Sunday I actually have a shooting, so hopefully I can add new photos to the blog soon.

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