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Samstag, 18. Mai 2013

SugarShape Bra Review

No matter how big or small you are: Buying bras is always a struggle. For one thing: Figuring your size out is a hassle. For the other: Even if you have a favourite brand and one of their bras suits you chances are that another design of theirs will differ in sizing and there you are! Leave alone the size differences between different brands. If you are on the larger scale of bra-size like me chances are that you buy bras online, too (as  most local stores just don´t stock your size).
So I was thrilled to get a Sugarshape set for testing. For one thing: Because I was eyeing their store anyway. For the other: Their sizing system is WAY easier so it´s almost impossible to go wrong.
In other stores you have to figure out which cup-size you are. That can be quit a challenge even IF you know your band-size (cause they often differ from company to company, too). And in most stores no one is going to help you with it. So… When you go and order from Sugarshape you need to do exactly two things to get a fool-proof fitting bra. You measure below your chest and you measure your chest at it´s widest point. That´s it. This is the information you use when you order because they don´t use the cup-size system at all.
My selection: The Leyla set
And now you wonder whether it fits? Seriously: Like a dream. The first thing I noticed was that the straps are wide. Which is a total plus in my book. Nothing worse than straps cutting in your shoulders. I put the bra on and it held them in a way that made me feel no weight at all. (And I have F-Cups. That´s some weight to carry around). Over the day I experienced no need to adjust it (Like something falling out when bending forward, walking, jumping). Everything stayed nice, supported and in place. I got a panty to go with it and it also fits very nicely, isn´t cutting in and is a nice and soft material.
Absolutely Thumbs up! I will definitely buy more of their bras and if only we had a proper summer I´d get a bikini, too!

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