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Sonntag, 9. Juni 2013

The 1960s Face

Hi everyone,

in the past weeks I went and showed a 1940s look and a 1950s look and this week we finally reached the 1960s. I hope you enjoyed the Little series. I think about doing some more Looks, but considering I have a bad cold I do not know when I will find time to take new photos. But if you have a request you can post it in the comments and I´ll see what I can do.
In this decade the Attention went away from the lips with nude and glossy Colors and went straight to the eyes with Vibrant Colors, Eyeliner and faux lashes. I don´t use faux lashes in this look but basically everything else ;-)
So..... primer, foundation, concealer, cream blush, powder. You know, the usual she-bang. I put the turqouise shade all over my eye, sparing the tearduct area. In the tearduct area I put the golden Color and also spread it all over the eye a bit. I added the Eyeliner and a heavy layer of Mascara to my upper AND lower lashes (I didn´t do much with my lower lashes in the former Looks). I added the lip boom lipstick AND the gloss and ta-da.... done. A more neutral eyed Version of the 60s look is my usual work look because it is so quick and easy :-) 
Products used for this look:
Face: Catrice Prime and Fine Base, Matte perfect Foundation, Hide and Conceal Concealer, Matte Perfect Powder, Cream Blush in "Dolly".
Eyes: Eyes Primer, Dusk til Dawn Palette (golden Color and turqouise Color), Eyeliner in shade 5, Catrice precision eye pencil "Blackstreet Boy", Essence I love extreme Mascara, P2 Eyebrow Express "Stylish Blonde", Intense Color Eyeliner "rich Brown", Essence Guerilla Gardening eyebrow Mascara "my Piece of land",
Lips: Lip Boom in "OMG".

P.s: If you are tempted to try some MUA stuff (I am not beeing paid by them to write this or to post something. I just love their stuff and as it is so cheap to buy I Chose to buy MUA over something that costs way more) they have a Special offer where you only pay 1 British Pound per shipping if you spend 15 British Pound going on until tomorrow morning. So it would be a good Chance to get a Thing or two. I just bought their new blushers and they look amazing. I wait for another delivery of their old blushers that I did in May so I can do a huge blusher swatchfest. :-)

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