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Freitag, 13. Februar 2015

Grace and Glory - a book by Paula Kopczynski

Hello everyone,

I had the pleasure to work with Paula during two occasions, so when she asked me whether I wanted to see a preview of her newly released book "Grace and Glory" and whether I wanted to write a review about it I was on board immediately! 

I have to tell the funny and slightly weird story on how we got to know each other first. A few years ago the lovely Anne-Marie Morschek, designer of the lovely Shop Fräulein Valentine which happened to be in my neighborhood had a flyer in her shop window where someone was looking for models for an upcoming vintage styling book. As I am always on the look out for fun shooting I sent an email to the email adress stated on the flyer, along with some og my most beloved photos and I got an reply from Paula. 

It was something along the lines of "Is there any chance you happen to know my father?". After inquiring I found out that YES I had shooted in her dads studio with one of his photography students a few years back. What a fantastic and highly unlikely coincidence! so off course we were shooting for the book "Rock ´n´ Hair" together and the rest is history ;-)
Anyway, Paula has taken some amazing photos of beautifull retro ladies and gentlemen, both at studios, outdoors events etc etc and has put a collection of those into her new book "Grace and Glory". A few previously unreleased ones of myself are in it too, in case you wonder.

The book summary states: "As a creative, free spirit, she dedicates this book to her passion fervor for the mid-century. She combines the self-conception of the modern Lady and the contemporary masculinity with the glamorous look of that period. Those men and women are self-confident and in proper-style. They know what the want and they know how to style themselves. To collect all these images, Paula traveled throughout the world. The photos were shot within Europe, US, Australia, South Africa and Russia in between 2009-2014. She varies between using analog and digital cameras. The book is mainly shot with a digital medium format camera, as well as, 50's analog camera, and polaroid. The round about 200 photos show the rockabilly scene, the 50's, vintage, PinUps, Burlesque, HotRods, Car races ... and much more!"

On 164 pages you get to see beautifull people at beautifull places and amazing cars, so if you have a soft spot for those things (and let´s face it, who hasn´t?) it is really a book you should consider buying. Personally I allways love to look at other ladies and get inspired by their hair, make up, clothes etc... It probably says a lot about the quality of the book by stating that I have ordered a printed copy for myself ;-) I will make sure to post some photos of old me once it as come :-)

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