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Mittwoch, 4. April 2007

Some book Reviews

Hi everyone!

Today I talk a bit about books since I´m a big collector of books on Vintage Wear and Pin ups. My collection of Pin up books is so big you´d think I´m a bachelor in a Space Age apartment drinking Martinis. (Talking about Bachelors - check out www.javasbachelorpad.com - I hope to be someday famous enough to be featured in his "Modern Femme Fatale"-Archives)

Anyway, I here are some of my favourites:


Review: The photos are good photographed so you can see detailings and there are some close ups on the embroidery and such. Buuuuut... Don´t expect the models to be totally authentic styled though. Well, you can´t have everything I guess ;-)


Review: The whole "Every Day Fashions" Book-range by Dover Publications is a absolute treat! It features Catalogue-pictures from Sears for every decade and if you just can´t get enough you better get those, too:


I have the late 40s one, but Iam dying to get the rest of them, too especially since I didn´t find one page that was in the Every Day Fashions book, too so it´s really worth to invest in both ranges!

For Pin up Lovers:

Review: A total absolute threat!!! There was also a Book by good ol´Bernard named "Guide to pin up Photography" that I highly recommend to Photographers and models that are getting started. It´s not available on amazon but sometimes shows up on ebay. In it he shows photos and how the light was set in a sketch. Really interesting!!!


Review: I own Volume 1-2 and it is very interesting to read about the history and everything familar to pin up magazines. It is also full packed with pictures and very heavy (I guess 1-2 kg at least!)


Review: My very first Pin up book... It started my whole fascination for the subject. Unfortunetly some of the beautifull covers are twice in it. Nethertheless it´s a minority.


Review: Elvgren, Vargas, Dribben... you name a pin up artist... and you can be 99% sure he or she is in this book! It´s great to pick some favourites and to find out whose works you like the most. Highly recommended for starters.

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