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Dienstag, 24. April 2007

The Pin up Starter Kit

Hi ladies!

Here is one more guide for ladies that want to get started with pin up or dressing vintage...

Make up and styling:
RED Lipstick (not light pink or pink or nude-tones or whatever it just wouldn´t look right. There is a red to match every skincolour. If you´re in doubt order some samples from http://www.besamecosmetics.com/)

the usual make up stuff

Two words about Make up books: KEVYN AUCOIN. he has two volumes of books that show the basics of Make up AND also shows some cute retro-styles. Check them out on amazon!

For the hair: Find out what´s best for you to get your hairs curly (no straight hairs, unless you wanna go for a 60s look). some things to try: Tripple Barrel Iron (for georgous fake-waterwaves - it even works quiet easy. Even when I tried it for the first time I managed to give my hair a georgous look with it. Take a heat protection spray and there you go), Curling iron (heat protection needed still), Curlers that one can heat up, Sponge Rollers (I sleep in them somtimes to get curly hairs, but beware the hair needs looong to dry), Hot sticks and last but not least Pincurls (I personally never found out how they work, but maybe they are your thing. You´ll need a setting-lotion for those)

Tons of hair-pins

Girdle or waist cincher (You can find them either on ebay, but you can find them at www.girdlebound.com (USA), www.ars-vivendi.de (Germany) and www.whatkatiedid.com (UK)) no Pin up is complete without them and they are to hold the:

Full Fashioned or seamed Stockings (without seam only if you wanna go 60s, believe me, it does make a difference)

Gloves to put on the stockings (you don´t want to get them ruined, right?)

Bullet Bra (a normal bra might do for the beginning, but if you wanna do it 100% right you´ll sooner or later want to get a proper bullet one for the right vintage shape. Sources besides ebay: www.girdlebound.com (USA), www.cameo-intimates.com (USA), www.ars-vivendi.de (Germany) and www.whatkatiedid.com (UK))

Vintagey Heels

The rest of clothing depends on which decade you personally prefer. Those are just basics cause I get to see many photos of girls that try to look pin up style in their photos, but it just doesn´t look right cause there is just one or two wrong details that kill the illusion.


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