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Freitag, 20. Juli 2007

Harry Potter, Spies & Burda

Hi readers!

It´s Harry Potter release weekend and guess which idiot ordered it to have it sent to her workplace? Yes it´s me. But the deal is: I don´t work Saturdays!!! Even worse: I already readed what the end is supposed to be in a newspaper yesterday. It´s all over the place and you just can´t escape. I say "Thanks to the dude that lifted the biggest secret of Harry Potter!" I will hungryly read it though on Monday when I drive home from work. A former boss of mine borrowed me his daughters Harry Potter books some years ago and I grew to like them a lot! And now this *sigh*

Well, after this disappointment there are still some very cool things going on. I purchased a beauty book on ebay and found out unusual things about the writer. Olga Tschechowa was a German actress with russian roots and she was said to be Hitlers favourite actress.

While she seemed to be on good terms with him it she was actually a spy for the Sovjets trying to get information out of him. After the war she tried to start a own theater and since a own beauty salon. The theater wasn´t a hit, but the beauty salon worked fine enough to start a own line of beauty products and a handfull of beauty books. Sounds pretty much like a Hollywood spy-movie, huh?

Anyway I bought one of her beauty-books and I consider getting a biography of hers since she sounds very interesting. I might scan some things from the book and put it in my blog. I used to have a website with scans of how tos for hair, but I haven´t updated in years. This one however includes fashion, health and beauty advice and has 484 pages of it.




And than there is the fact that the latest edition of Burda is out now and has some cute vintage-inspired pieces in it as well as some nice capes. You can bet this one is bought!!! I really need some blouses.

Have a georgous weekend!

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