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Donnerstag, 26. Juli 2007

Karma allways strikes back

hi everyone!

I´m truely not the kind of person that likes when something negative happens to others. But if that happens to someone that hurted my feelings really really bad I can´t help to feel relief. Few people hurted me so much that I can´t forgive and I really try to rather pitty those that have been unkind to me cause they have lost the oppurtunity to win a faithfull and true friend.

I´m the sort of friend that is there when something bad happens. I might not be around all the time cause I like to be for myself, too, but once I´m needed I´m there on the spot. I can truely say that I have never said something bad about someone that I couldn´t say in his face and my heart is pure as I still stick to the same basic ideals that I had in my childhood.

Anyway I might be too pure and idealistic at times which is why I often stumbled into troubles I could have avoided if I was able to see people the way they are and would be more suspicious and less willing to like everyone, but nowadays my ways have brought me to a happy and fullfilled life and my wonderfull boyfriend that totally understands my ways.

I´d say: It truely pays off to be good! I might be richer in money-termes if I were not the way Iam, but I rather chose a rich life any time :-)

So what´s up besides philosophing around? Last weekend I had a shooting in "Mary Poppins" Style with Tom Lanzrath. But I´ll let you know more details once I have some photos to post :-) This weekend there´ll be no shooting cause my aunt, John and me go to a short vacation to the dutch sea-side. I can really need some relaxing :-)


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