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Dienstag, 31. Juli 2007

Up to new things

Hi everyone!
Wondering why I´ve been so quiet?

Well I was on vaction in Veer/Netherlands for a short vacation with my aunt and John. It started off chaotic with us stuck in a huuuge traffic jam, us trying organizing a dinner too late (we ended sitting outside McDonalds in the rain), and trying hard to get back somehow to the place we slept at (driving distance: 5-10 minutes, time needed to find it: 2 hours) and my aunt shutting herself out at about 7:30 in the morning (I thought I would dream at first when I heard someone calling for me infront of my window). But all together it was fun and I giggled a lot.

There were big personal news to me on Friday,too: At the end of next month I got to look for a new job which I see has both pro´s and con´s:

On one side I really liked the job and the team I worked with, but the requirements for the job changed so I can´t fullfill it anymore. On the other hand it is interesting to start something new that is a permanent job and no time-work. Than there is the fact, that I spent almost 3 hours driving back and forth to my work every day which is neither cheap nor much fun, so something closer would give me the opportunity of more spare time (and more sleep). Also I could need some weeks off to relax and shoot and make costumes while looking for a new job. I´m quiet sure I find something new soon. I checked the internet and there are loads of companies in my area searching people with my skills so I´m convinced it won´t be more than a little vacation.

This Saturday I gonna do a little Beatnik-theme(I still hope the lady I bought from at ebay finally sends me the turtleneck-pullover) and a Lolita-theme shooting. That´ll be something new, but I´m sure it will be lots of fun!!!

All the best!

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