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Sonntag, 12. August 2007

Under drugs

Hi there!

I´ve been put under drugs so I won´t fall asleep during the final of "Rome" tonight. Well, actually I don´t know if you can consider coffee a drug, but to me it has strange effects. A normal person hardly feels coffee (but I think you agree I´m not that normal). To me even a Caramel Machiatto has the effect that I freak out and gives me the energy that I run back and forth all the time and can´t stand still (strange enough coke and energy-drinks have no effect on me). I never dared to try something harder yet and I guess I never will (except a cocktail - but that happens like twice a year or so).

Anyway the mission of making my home nice is fullfilled. Even my vanity is as empty as rarely before (therefore my basement is full now with all the stuff that I don´t really need but don´t want to throw away either). And I even sorted my fabric pile nicely!!! I think next week I can concentrate on sewing nice things again. I´m full of shooting ideas und outfit ideas such as this cute light-blue late 50s vacaum cleaner I have and never got to use till now... I wanna make a cute and skimpy outfit for it.

Talking cute and skimpy outfits... Anyone else collecting the Gizeh-Pin ups?


John is a smoker and now he´s only smoking with Gizeh papers so I can complete my collection. Also my aunt collects the pin ups for me.

*disclaimer: Smoking is not good for your health, but since I can´t make them quit anyway there´s no harm in me taking the pin ups that would otherwise make it to the trash-can*

Have a happy weekend everyone!!!


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