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Samstag, 22. September 2007

Confessions of a lingerie lover

Hi everyone!
It´s not a secret that I have a faible for cute vintage lingerie. Especially not if it´s not too expensive!

As you probably know I grew up in a very small town and back in the day beautifull lingerie was just not available there. So when I became a trainee at age of 19 and was in a biiiig city (138.000 citizens is a big town when you come from a place where there are barely 6.000 just for the record: Düsseldorf, where I live now, has almost 600.000 citizens) I regulary frequented the local lingerie stores. Later followed the wish for vintage style lingerie since I find it more comfortable and prettier. So is it bad that I´m happy that those seem to be released now? http://www.naturana.com/deutsch/neues/neues.html (And I checked: Naturana isn´t expensive! I saw a website where they are between 13 and 20 Euro)

I also got to admit that at the beginning I didn´t like nylon-stockings cause nowadays one gets associations towards the vertical business with it. But that was until I realised what georgous legs you get with them and how pretty a girdle can be and how it enhances the figure! My personal faves: Nude stockings with black seam! For a special Va-Vooooom feeling but still not too naughty.

But I allways wanted a corset! At the young age of 19 I bought my first one on ebay... and was disappointed. It had tiny tiny cups and me a big big chest already (had it since I was about 14 or 15). My Mom loved in on the other hand and badly wanted to try it on. Well, there are reasons why you shouldn´t lace it too tight if you´re a beginner and my Mom couldn´t wear it for more than a few minutes. That´s what you get when your teenage-daughter laces you in I guess. *lol* So since no one of us could wear it, it went back to ebay. The next ones went better and my other girlfriends liked the corsets so much that they bought some themselves. I don´t think they still wear them though :-)

And here for a good laugh is a link to a oooold website of mine with my very very humble pin up beginnings. The last row includes selfs of me taken in corsets. I was between 19 and 21 years than. http://www.angelfire.com/weird2/sariworld/Pin.htm

Do you believe me that those were actually the photos I sended out to photographers to get my first photo-shoot? I´ve come a looooong way since...

Tommorow I´ll post the photos from the Miss Giggles shooting... You gonna LOVE them, I promise. Miss Giggles and I do for sure!

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