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Sonntag, 30. März 2008

Project Duct Tape

So after reading Fräuleinwunder-magazine (which was a fantastic treat! I readed every single page and just made breaks to surf to online-shops promoted in there) I remebered that I wanna make a duct-tape dress form this weekend. So I went to a tool-store in order to buy duct-tape. Now I honestly didn´t know what duct-tape is and bablefish wasn´t a very big help with translating so I stood in the floor with like 20 or 30 sorts of tape staring at them for 10 minutes trying to decide. But in the end I decided for a roll and it seems I took just the right one! Then I went to buy a cheap-t-shirt and found one for 1,99 €.

When John came home we watched the how to pictures and started to wrap, wrap, wrap. It felt kind of weird, like a corset but not that tight. And we even managed to cut of the T-shirt without damaging my bra! The cut out version of it looked like a shock to me as it looked like I have a figure like a mashed potatoe without any waist and weird-looking boobs. However when I filled it with fbric-scraps and leftover from other projects it looked like me in the end (and yes, I have a waist in fact!!!). It´s weird to see yourself 3-dimensional. You don´t even see yourself really 3 dimensional on a video so it´s funny to walk around the replica of your body. I can´t wait to do the first fitting job on Minime (that´s how I called her).

Yesterday I walked past the most sunning partment I ever saw. It´s for sale - if it was for rent I´d inquire for the cost... It´s in a Art nouveau house right next to the main-street that I walked at. It has dark wooden pannels on the wall!!! And the floor to match. Build in wardrobes in the same colour (still authentic my guess) and 20s lamps to go with it. Typical High ceilings off course. The only bad thing: Everyone can look in your window while walking by the main-street. That´s like my dream-apartment. I´d lovwe to take a walk with John today to show it to him.

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