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Samstag, 29. März 2008

Time is running

Hi everyone!

The Release Party of Fräuleinwunder was really nice! Eventhough we had some problems finding the location (We were running around for about 45 minutes - let´s say I´m a horrible guide. I´m quiet sure John won´t let me search for way-descriptions anymore. After all he is the EX-SCOUT and not me!!!!) And it was raining like crazy. But after all we made it! It was really really nice to meet my firned Nathalie alias Sweetness again (We know each other since about 4 years and she was a big help to me when I started with pin up. I just knew I loved the look and not that there´s a Rockabilly/Swing-Scene to go with it. She was able to give me some great pointers as she had been working as a Rockabilly-Model and Photographer before).

The magazine looks fab!!! I didn´t think it would be so high-quality. The print is outstanding and it´s all in colour! Not to mention it´s really filled with contents of interest for us girls! I was flipping through on the party and got me one of the mags. I´ll be laying down with a Caramel Machiatto and read it once I´m done writing the blog. Nathalie snapped some pics on the party, Í´ll let you know when she has some up.

I already went out to buy the food for the weekend and been writing a article for an online-mag. I don´t want to give away too much of it now. Let´s wait and see if it will be released after all. I´m sure I´ll give the editor a hard-time reading and correcting my English grammar and stuff ;-)

I allways loved writing. When I was 10 years old I worte a book on two vampire girls and was drawing pictures to go with it. I spended my pocket-money making copies in a local copy-shop and got me adresses to send my "script" to in a bookstore. The sales-lady in the bookstore thought it was sort of cute when I was going through her catalogue of adresses by publishing houses. I didn´t tell anyone that I was doing that so my aunt and Mom were extremely surprised, when I got back letters from publishing houses. My book didn´t get released, but it´s a cool childhood-memory. I also worked as an editior in our school-newspaper for two years so one can tell I like to write stories and articles. Eventhough I admit that I didn´t do it for a long long time. Nowadays I just give interviews from time to time which just isn´t the same.

Oki Doki, now I´ll relax and read my mag :-) And maybe I start to cut patterns after that. I think I lost one or a half dress size in order to eat healthier and walking more so I wanna start with my spring/summer wardrobe.

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