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Sonntag, 6. April 2008

Sometimes you got o listen to your heart

I have never had a moment before where I was in a coflict wether to model something or not cause I know what I want and I lnow what I don´t. However I was offered a shooting with a dead octopuss on my shoulder. I had seen fantastic photos of that before, however I´m totally against killing a animal - and than not eating it. So I asked the photographer if she´ll eat it afterwards and didn´t even get an answer back anymore. It´s just wrong in my oppinion.

Nature is eat and be eaten. Not to kill for fun. :-(

The pics the photographer makes would have been great for my port as she does very highfashion beauty portraits (like Vogue), but if I have to pay with a bad conscience I´m glad not to do it.

Yesterdays check-list and what I managed:
-photos for ebay
Done. Only the vintage corset, but the other things I thought over and decided not to sell as I don´t know if I´ll get a good price. It´s a dress from the 20s/30s and a dress t hat I think to be from 1910. However I didn´t have any nice display for them as they are too small for my duct-tape form. They wouldn´t have looked good and so wouldn´t have gotten a good price. I´ll have to give it some thought.

- more sewing on the yellow blouse
Done however it´s far from finished.... I also think about adding some white contrass as the skirt has (I make it to match a skirt I bought in Stockholm last year)

-buy food for the weekend

-Beauty Day
Not done. I took a bath, but was too tired to put on a face mask.

- test face make up for my shooting next week
Not done. That will be my mission for today! Basically I just got to see if I can make nice glitter ornaments without trouble.

- Refill my water-colour containers with lipstick
Is in progess. I just takes so long to wash out the colour. I probably finish that today.

- Eat only vegetables till the evening.
If you consider rice-crakers a vegetable it worked *lol* However I had a big salad. In the evening I went to buy a Döner though.

I also got to decide for a pic to take with me as I´ll have my hair-cut this Tuesday....

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