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Samstag, 19. April 2008


I just happened to watch a "mens magazine" in TV while pinning a shirt I wanna alter and I was absolutely confused. The report shown was nothing that actually interests men. It was more for women on how to shop the right bra size for you and if a cheaper or a more expensive bra will stand more pullig ba a car... Not exactly helpfull. the only thing appealing to men was surely that the lady wore two or three bras to sisply how important the right sizing is. Anyway in my mind rather a information for ladies... Dear male readers: Are you seriously interested in whether acheaper or more expensive bra can resist more car-pulling? I guess your worry is more if the size you actually bought for your girlfrined/wife is actually the right one? ;-) Maybe if she had danced around in her bras I had believed that this is supposed to be for men... Anyway I´m seriously disappointed by the program. John would just switch the channel if he was here. (but than again he shakes his head when I spend hour admiring lingerie-websites).

Today I actually wanna film my actions that I do on a weekend. I hope it will turn out nicely since I have to film it all myself (means I allways got to find a place the camera so people can actually see what I´m doing. I started of and already took a few minutes of footage and I hope I´ll stay brave and keep it up... John will visit his best friend tommorow so I have plenty of time this weekend ;-)

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