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Samstag, 29. November 2008

German X-Mas customs

Today: The adventskranz

The adventskranz was invented by the protestant theology professor Johann Hinrich Wichern (1808–1881). He was taking care of some poor children and moved with them to a big farm house. During the adventszeit (about the time from the 27th to 24rth of december) the kids kept asking when there would fionally be X-Mas so in 1839 he took a old wheel and put 19 red and 4 white candles on them. Every day he would lit one more so the children would know how much longer they had to wait.

In later years however it was only 4 candles which where lit one after one for each sunday. Since 1860 the wheel was decorated with x-mas tree brances.

Since it´s invention in Germany many countries took over that idea however it was unknown in the Bavarian areas and austria before 1930.

You see this is a very retro thing to do (and I´ll pick up one today). If you want to do one yourself there is a how to (in German, but you can see all the steps properly) here: http://www.doit-tv.de/hobby_kreativ/jahreszeiten_feste/adventskranz_selber_machen.html
So enjoy your First Advent tommorow and I hope you bought or made some cookies to go with the Kranz whioe you watch the first candle burn.

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