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Mittwoch, 4. Februar 2009

and hoop hoop hoop

I have been a good girl since Saturday and used my hula hoop for at least 20 minutes per day (exept yesterday cause that pain in my stomach-muscles caused by hula hooping almost killed me!!!). It is fun actually when you listen to the right music while doing it so I think i´ll keep up with it. Yes maybe I go one step further and buy me a jump rope, too. After all that is not a expensive investment and i dont reallyneed one that counts the calories or does other fancy but not essential stuff. I also readed that it is ok to use a minitrampolin in an apartment. hmmmm....

The good thing about that stuff is that you can just interupt when you are tired and you don´t have to dress to do that. See I lounge around in my underwear and when I feel like getting me my hula hoop I just grab it and the fun begins. I don´t want to do something where i have to wear ugly training-clothes, need much effort and for that I have to buy sport-shoes. (I rather invest in something pretty)

I just need some fun things to do. I´m not like John that follows his Tae Bo Bootcamp instruction videos, sweating to death. I need fun fun fun :-)

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