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Mittwoch, 29. April 2009


So I got new goodies. For one thing the palette for blue eyes by Pop Beauty (despite my memory there was no "Candy" involved in the brand-name. Must have been wishfull thinking;-) and a new hairstyling book....

I was exited when I saw this book on amazon and wondering wether it would be half as good as "Vintage Hairstyling" which is available on pinup-parade.com. It isn´t. Let me explain you why. A cool aspect is that it covers a wide range of hairstyles from pre-historic (but come on, most men just crawl out of bed looking messy - some even look like that all day to) the 90s (Grunge which I consider quiet similar to the prehistoric ones ;-) The 20s - 60s have not much of covering for my taste and this was what I looked forward to the most.

The men-styles are not very good and the women styles don´t really knock me out of my socks either. Most of the time I felt like "I could do better" and the person that made the book claims to have been hairdressing in movies for 30 years. I´m self-taught for 5 years and shake my head at this?! There must be something wrong. On the other hand there are 2 ideas or so that I actually find interesting and will probably use in future. However if you wonder if the book is worth buying I say you better go and buy "Vintage Hairstyling" if you don´t own it already.

Now to the Pop Beauty Palette.For my taste it is altogether too sheer in colour. I´m used to my high-pigmented makeup palette and the fab products of Bésame so  I´m probably totally spoiled. However I like the thought of just having a small palette to match my eye-colour to take on journeys. So I put tons of primer on my eyes and it was ok. I´m not sure wether I can use that palette for shootings and probably have to try around with it a bit in order to get stronger results but for every day it is ok. I ordered the same one for green eyes now and a silver shimmer edition though.  They sure caught my interest with the idea. Let´s hope I get an idea to improve it further ;-)

The ones I ordered now. Could you have resisted?  I hope it arrives soon so I can use it in Sweden.

Another thing I bought for travelling:

It´s a cleaning-milk, eye make up remover and toner all in one. I´ll put a bit of it in one of the small plastic bottles ( i don´t need the full one for one week) I bought for travelling and don´t have to carry around 3 different bottles in my luggage. A pretty clever product. I´ll test it tonight :-)

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