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Freitag, 19. Juni 2009

All those rumours

Hi everyone,

time to kill some rumours:

Rumour no 1: Pin ups are loose women.

Despite no one ever having said that into my face I can sense that people think so. Why? It´s obvious.

In my year no. 1 as a pin up suddenly about all men suddenly decided to try and hunt me down. Before it had happened 3 times in 23 years that someone actually showed an interest in me as a woman. For everxyone else I seemed invisible. I mean if they more or less give you a reference list whom they have slept with previously on the first evening it is not that hard for a woman that has her brains together to figure out what they are planning.

My personal highlight was when some guy told me how much money he makes a month. I was so shocked that someone would do so trying to impress me (In a relationship: yes, sooner or later you´ll get on the topic, but not to some girl that is hardly more than a stranger - that rather comes across as he is trying to buy you. Urgh!). Creepy! Needless to say I had a good laugh about that afterwards.

No, most pin ups are not loose women. And I´ve met a few over the years. And if you look at them as that, they are way above you in terms of class and will laugh hard at your attempts. Fortunetly those poor guys seem to be the minority as there are way more men that are actually gentlemen that can behave and don´t try to get you laid. Also for every weirdo email of arabian guys that want to get me infront of a cam there are 10 mails of nice gentlemen and ladies.

Rumour no 2: Burlesque is just the same as stripping.

The only thing it has in common is that some clothes will sure get off. However a Burlesque dancer won´t put it all off. Also there is another difference. A stripper gets away with a 5 Euro bikini, over-bleached hair and a mega-tan, Lapdance, Pole dancing, getting bills put in her thong and stuff.

If a burlesque dancer would do that for anything else than a joke she´d be booed off. You need a carefully planned routine. You need georgous outfits and props worth hundreds and thousand of bucks. You need class. A Burlesque dancer won´t go to the backroom with you or do a lap-dance. She´ll be a classy diva and not ordinary. It´s like comparing a low budget soap opera to the multi-million bucks monumental movie. Some may prefer the soap opera, but others really like the monumental movie. Both is not a bad thing, to each his own, but they are two different stories

Rumour no. 3: Pin ups/Burlesque dancers are dumb.

Not one of the ladies I have ever had the pleasure to meet or/and work with was in the least dumb. Quiet the oposite. I have met them as intelligent confident women. You also need tons of phantasie to come up with new ideas for shootings, outfits etc. all the time. Can someone be creative but a total bimbo?

Also keep in mind that almost none of us works with agencies. So we are our management, too. We have to do all the multitasking wether we make a living with it or not. We are our promoters. It is us that write our press-releases. I also do my website myself without any help and I assume I´m not the only one doing so.

Beeing a pin up also implies interest in history and culture to do it right. Keep in mind we never find a chance to quote poems in our interviews and that we never get asked questions regarding our oppinions of what is happening in the world right now. Our questions are mostly based on our job and styling. That´s alright, but gives you no right to see us as BwB´s (Bimbos with boobs). I have an IQ between 114 and 117 depending on the condition I´m in when I take it, that´s almost 1/5th more than usual. Does that sound dumb?

Rumour no. 4: We allways looks flawless.

In a photo yes (thank you, dear photoshop). In daily life we are just like everyone else. We maybe look after our appearance a bit more than your every day girl and mostly take more effort in styling and in matching our clothes, however when we have a cold, we have a red swollen nose, too and don´t look too hot.

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