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Dienstag, 16. Juni 2009

Let´s start a band

Over a steak with aspargus me and John decided that we´ll start our own band to become rich and famous and stuff. John will play the mouth harp and I will rock the triangle and a big gong.

We are looking for someone that is willing to play the tambourine or ukulele to join us. No musical knowledge or even a feeling for rhythm required as we don´t have that either.

We won´t sing and just lala along to give you a chance to recognize what we are actually playing. And I´ll play the wildest triangle solos in rock and pop history.

After our big world-tour I will leave the band and make a solo-album only containing cover-versions of known songs such as "Smells like teen Spirit" on the triangle. Maybe we´ll get together for a X-Mas album and Bonus-Tracks for our Best off later on before we split up forever cause we are rich enough and too worn out cause of Sex, drugs and mouth harping.

Besides looking for a tambourine player we are also looking for someone who´ll invest tons of money in our career without getting anything back. After all I need fancy stage outfits and stuff (preferable rhinestone encrusted corsets). I insist that we´ll be so talented and that the music-industry has just waited for our incredible concept so we have no roblems to sign up with any record-company of our choice.

APPLY NOW before we get rich, famous and drug-addicted. ;-)

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