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Freitag, 12. Juni 2009

Rocking the red hair - cowgirls and hookers

Actually I wanted to keep it secret and surprise you all. However while it is easy for me to keep other peoples secrets I prefer to have none on my own ;-)

As you have readed on my twitter, facebook and myspace I coloured my hair red. For a special purpose. Cause I´m going to do a cheesy western shooting. Cliche galore. I even coloured my hair red so it will get a Technicolour vibe. Cause let´s face it: Ladies in 50s western have to have hairs so red it hurts in your eyes (or so yellow blonde that you wonder whoever would wear that colour)!!! And I can finally use my green corset, that feather headpiece I bought and over the top make up. I plan something femme fatale/hooker/gambling queenish and something sweet cowgirlish allá Gil Elvgren.

I even practised doing a nice up-do for the gambling thing and my hooker-make up really turned out hookerish. In fact so much I was almost shocked it turned out so good at the first try. Maybe it was just that feather-thing with the veil for my head that did the trick but it turned out so extreme I washed it all off before John made it home *lol*. you´ll have to wait a few weeks to see the spagetti western saloon version of me as it´ll take 2 more weeks till we do it. Let´s see if I can do a making of video...

To my surprise I really start to like my red-haired look. The first evening both me and John were shocked by the result. "Your hair is so..... RED." said John. It in deed turned out more extreme than ever as I have a perm in it and some outgrowing bleached streaks. Now we both like it and John compliments me on it everytime I come home. Now you may say that he must cause otherwise I won´t cook, however my workmates all like it, too.

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