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Donnerstag, 11. Juni 2009

Why it is good to know me...

Everything has it´s good and bad sides. Just like there are reasons why it is better not to know me, there are reasons why it is actually a good thing to do.

1. I´m a loyal friend. The most people I´m friend with have known me for many many many years. My best friend ranks highest with knowing me since 22 years. There are others that have known me for 15 years. Some a bit less. So to me those things are quiet steady. I allways like those that I have allways liked unless they do something teribly wrong to harm me intentionally. I allways love those that I have loved before within the same conditions for the liked ones. This all even applies when I´m not around all the time or when you don´t hear from me for ages. I do not forget old friends. Even if I just have sympathies for you and don´t know you well enough to call you a friend I´d help you out in a crisis. Like... when suddenly your manager abandons you and you sit in Nice without any money. (really happened to a aquaintance. Though I was unemployed and had no money myself I booked him a flight back on my account. Funnily when I picked him up his manager showed up at the airport, too. But that is another story) Let´s face it. I´m a old faithfull dog.

2. I´m someone to depend on. Wether you work with me or are aquainted in any other way: I´ll swim through the ocean in order to keep a promise and I´ll allways do my best. I just have that damn feeling of honour and a love for old ideals you can grab me on. When I like you I´ll do my best so you benefit when I suceed in something. This mostly applies to photographers/designers I work with. Even when I do not know you and just like your works I´ll spread the news - and hope you realise I exist so you might want to work with me;-) I´ll be at the place we said we´d meet up at waaaaaayyyyyy earlier than expected, unless something unforeseen happens.

3. I like new ideas. I love to hear the ideas for that everyone else would consider you weird. I may not agree to them, but I´ll find them interesting enough to think about anyway and try to get your point. I like to develope my own ideas, too. Like... my video diary for example. I do not mind if someone picks up my ideas cause this is the proof they actually work! I don´t see why I should have the monopole on something fun, but I´m happy to get credit for it. Sometimes I get too enthusiastic and it is on my friends and loved ones to pull me back to the ground. But beeing enthusiastic is not really a bad thing.

4. The good allways wins within me. We all have those feelings. We are envious for those with the more sucess. We are greedy to get everything we want. We are hatefull. I at least try to fight those feeling. If someone is more sucessfull I´m happy for him or her and take it as an ecouragement to work harder on myself to reach that point, too. When I get a greedy feeling I think about wether it would badly effect someone when I follow it. If there is a bad effect in any way I won´t do it. It´s just not worth it to do someone harm just so Iam pleased. There are very very few people that I have hated and mostly for very good reasons. (I´m not like "I don´t like your nose so I´ll hate you now. I don´t get your attitude so I hate you now! You are prettier that me so I hate you now!") However after a while I rather pity them cause they lost the possibility to really know me (that may sounds arrogant, but I´m a mighty nice person to know) and as years pass by they loose importance totally. I´m in a constant working-mode evening out what I consider my personal flaws. I don´t want to be guilty of someones misery.

Think for yourself wether it is good or not so good to know me or wether it is actually neutral. I´ll go to "Subway" now and get me a Roasted Chickenbreast Sub ;-)

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