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Mittwoch, 10. Juni 2009

Why it is better not to know me ;-)

Hi everyone!

I allways start to giggle when strangers send me comments or emails on how sexy they think me to be. It is one thing when someone says so that has actually met me in real life and still thinks so (though they have a odd taste - but than my taste is odd, too and that is probably why we get along anyway). However most people just know me from my photos.

It is hard to get to know me. I really have to admit it. I rarely go out and rather stick my nose in a good book. When I meet someone for the first time I don´t say much most of the time cause I don´t know what a sort of person it is. Try to flirt with me and I´m trying to get away as fast as possible cause I can´t handle it. In short: It is a wonder when I actually start to interact with you. I´m the sort of girl internet was invented for.

Once I let someone actually step into my little world they can´t help but to realise:

1. I´m way less exiting than you think.

2. I´m way more clumsy than you think. In fact it is getting even worse when I try not to be clumsy. God help when I try to act seductive. The most sureal situation happened like 9 years ago when I suddenly got a cramp in my foot and the gent in question had to observe me crazily jumping around to get that f§$%$g pain away. Or how I knocked myself out falling back into bed two years ago and had to go into hospital. Sexy, huh? I should add I´m no masochist.

3. I´m a nerd in disguise. I may act dumb sometimes when I feel in the mood for it, even naive for self-protection and I don´t look my part, but believe me. Once I correct quotations, sayings and interfere your eyes will start to roll in impatience. I can´t help it. It bothers me and I can´t shut up. While I´ll totally keep texts in mind and get computer-programms in no time I´m a total idiot when it comes to numbers. I don´t know my own damn telephone number that I have since 7 years, but I can quote you my fave Emily Zola sentences.

4. I have times where I´m hard to keep up with. I have times where I´m rather clingy. Most of the time that confuses people. And often I´m the wrong thing at the wrong time ;-) I´m a horrid love-interest as I just won´t react unless you more or less scream it in my face. John stayed at my place almost non-stop for about 4 months including sleepovers before we became a couple. I thought we are just platonic friends hanging out together, cause we are bored. Seems I was wrong ;-)

So... keep your illusions until you in fact see me in person. And than think again wether you really consider me sexy ;-) I´m a very complex person, but actually I´m really really nice.

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