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Sonntag, 12. Juli 2009

First Ponyhuetchen test results

Hi Folks,

as I told last week I ordered some of the bathing goodies by Ponyhuetchen.com and this Friday it arrived. I already tested some of it and so I can start to do a first review...

"Dia de los Muertos" - Bathing Cookie

This was the first one I tried. The lady that runs the shop gave me the advice just to use a half cookie per bath as they are very effective. They are indeed like a cookie so it was no hard job to put it in a half and to crumble it into the water.

The description says that it contains cocunut-milk, mangobutter and brown sugar. And says it smells like lemon.

What do I say? That´s true! The mangobutter and the coconut-milk make the skin super-soft and leave a slightly oily film on it. As many bathing products leave my skin dry (bathing-bombs etc) I was pleasantly surprised!!! It smells like lemon. You really can´t tell there´s mango or coconut smell in it, but it´s wonderfully refreshing and exotic! Actually just perfect for summer-time!

What did the boyfriend say? Mmmmmmmh!

Schwarzwaldmädel - Bathing cupcake

This one is a bathing bomb that smells a lot like cherry. It has jojoba-oil in it, too so no worry about dry skin.

What do I say? It is delicious. You get a bad conscience to actually use it cause it is so cut! The downside of the cup is a bathing bomb. I assume the oils are in the topping. The bathing bomb-part immediately started to bubble and I crumbled the topping when it got a bit soft. Personally I could totally see a whole range of those cup-cakes coming up. Think Vanilla, choclate, caramel, blueberry....

Boyfriend says: Mmmmmh (minus the "!" which means he likes it slightly less than the cookies)

Choci-tastic - Peelingsoap

This soap contains dark choclate, almonds and brown sugar. It is containing lots of fat.

What do I say? Yummy! Not only does it smell good and looks like a marble-cake, it also makes you a wonderfully smooth skin! I think I will use it regulary in my daily shower-routine. The peeling is very soft so I think I can do that with a perfectly good conscience. I really look forward to future showers now!

Boyfriend says: Uuuuuuuuhhhh! And agreed when I asked him wether my skin is super-soft now or what?! I guess that means he likes it a lot.

Rub-A-Dub - Massagebutter

Containing cacao-butter, white choclate and honey I just couldn´t resist!

What do I say: I couldn´t convince John to give me a massage with it yet, as he came home from working 8 hours and I couldn´t make him lay still so I could have used it on him, but I tested it on my arm. It is smooth, not too oily (ever made a mess wih massage oil? can´t happen to you here!!!) and you can use it sparingly. It smells like a marshmallow due to the vanilla and caramel smell in it. I almost turned a cannibal trying to chew my own arm. I can imagine this will become really addictive if the gent over here actually lets me use it or uses it on me.

Boyfriend says: It really smells like a marshmallow! He WILL like it when I get a chance...

Left to try: Lemon-Ginger Bathing Bon bon, Honey Bee Sweet Bathing praline, Mint and Vanilly Bathing praline and what I think to be samples of the mineral eye-shadow in white and light pink. I will try some of it over the week, but I can´t get away with taking a bath EVERY day ;-)

John complained cause it all looks like candies, but you can´t eat it. This is why I like it. It is visually appealing and definetly Í recommend all that I tried for the "girlfriend/Mom/sister/special lady in your life" that deserves something extra or has everything else already! I´ll make a huge order just before X-Mas for sure!!! And for some birthdays, too

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