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Mittwoch, 15. Juli 2009

Things I´d like to have written in a biography about me

We von Bolandens tend to live damn long. 90-99 years of age are no problem for us. However if in 70 years or so someone writes a biography about me I hope he/she will google, find that blog entry and tries to add my suggestions (no matter wether they become true or not).

"Lately Saris twin-daughters were voted to be the sexiest scientists alive. The elder daughter got a Nobel-price last year for discovering how to stop the hunger in the world, the younger is expected to receive one this year for discovering a way to stop the wars. Her son became a famous author and just wrote a book named ´About the chicken and the egg´ which is already in the best-seller-charts. It was already aknowledged as the most important philosophical book of it´s time! The youngster of the family just started her carreer as an artist and is about to do a exibition in New York."

"After she passed away there was a Sari Memorial Book released with tons of photos and art-works by artist both known and unknown. Millions of them were sold all over the world. The whole cash went to charity."

"In her late years Sari dedicated her life to helping orphans. Hence she got the nickname ´everybodys grandma´."

"When the news of Miss von B.s dead got known even her enemies had to cry."

"The cause of Saris dead was a heart-attack during sex. The exact circumstances are unknown."

Who wouldn´t like to die/life this way? What would you actually like to have written about you in your biography?

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