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Mittwoch, 6. Januar 2010

All the heels Mom won´t buy for me...

Hi everyone,

I´m one of the few girls that don´t like shoe-shopping. Why? Cause I have damn huge feet for a girl and rarely ever find anything. Now what is huge? A German size 41 which is (I think) a US 9. Hence I can´t wear shoes with a triangle form as I´ll look like a clown (or at least feel like x-mas elves minus the ears). Often I also don´t like the style of the shoes in store and if I do than there´s still the size problem.

However this is the age of Internet and so I can browse the www for shoes that are actually my size. Alas.... The shipping costs put me down. Mostly shipping to me costs as much as the shoe itself. That is not cool. So I end up shoeless again... I put a few things on my amazon wishlist, but I doubt Mom will get me those for my b-day as she doesn´t like to see me in high heels ("You´ll fall and hurt yourself!!!", "How the hell can you walk in this shoes?"). The shoes are damn pretty though, so I share a few I have on my amazon and observing list...

Before you ask. No, my aunt will not buy them for me either (isn´t much into girlie things anyway) and John doesn´t even have a amazon account.

Remember: Every time you put a pair of heels on your tiny tiny feet a Sari will drop dead and die of envy. (But at least I probably have bigger boobs than you ;-)


  1. I hate shoe shopping too, but not because of size, I just don't get it. Maybe I was born with part of the girly bit missing.

    I hate bra shopping though, because I am a FF :(

  2. I can totally relate to that (both the bras and the shoes). It takes a lot to get me exited over a pair of shoes and most I keep seeing are just blah. I could never imagine spending hundreds and hundreds of bucks on SHOES. But those listed are worth a sin :-D

  3. Try having size 42's!

    Actually - I'm selling off my size 41 heels, if you're interested? I need to photograph them, obviously. I've got black patent peeptoe heels with leopard print!

  4. Sounds interesting Helen! Yes, please! If I don´t happen to buy them I´m sure someone else will!

  5. Those first heels look like the perfect pair of dancing shoes.

    Personally, I hate shoe shopping. I wear a size 11 US. It's hard to find anything that doesn't make my feet look canoes! :-)