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Donnerstag, 7. Januar 2010

The WKD sale

Hi everyone,

it is finally here... The long expected sale day. (Ok, not that long as it was announced around X-Mas, but it FELT like years!) And after refreshing their website for 2 hours (I forgot there´s one hour time difference!!! stupid me) I grabbed the bargains I wanted and more!

The Lily Bra and waist cincher! I also got me the sailor bra and panty and panically realised that they didn´t have the garter-belt. So I ran and got me one in another sale. If you don´t find the sailor-lingerie in your size at WKD or also want the girdle you should check www.lamagia.co.uk and www.pandoraschoice.com cause they have a sale as well and chances are you get lucky there!!!

I also got me the Manhattan Fully Fashioned stockings in black and stocked up on Fully Fashioned stockings in nude with black seams (that´s my favourite colour combination for stockings. subtle and sexy at the same time. There´s more but hurry before it´s all gone!!!



  1. I was SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited when I saw the fully-fashioneds in the sale!!! WOWZERS! I put £80 of stockings in my basket, then thought - hang on.... So I spent £40 instead. And then bought a Lily cincher too.

    The site hasn't crashed yet - I remember it did during the last WKD sale!

  2. I remember.... I bought soooo many seamed stockings last time in the sale that they start to pile up. Something I didn´t even dream of when I started pin uping and hardly had any. Yay for stocking-bargains!!!!!

  3. I love their stockings the FF had sold in my size, but i got the blue seams and the red seams :-)

  4. ooh i just discovered your blog...and I love What Katie Did (carry the brand at my store).
    i just did a post on pin-ups...you will certainly like it!
    xox alison